1. Nas- It Was Written – By far one of the most influential records I heard in My Younger years.. I still listen to it often.. With joints like “The Message”,”Street Dreams”,”I Gave You Power”,”Affirmative Action”,& “If I Ruled The World” which still get play on the radio til this date!! One of the greatest song writters of all time!! #Classic

2. Tupac- Me Against The World – Yo when this album dropped We literally played it out in the hood.. Being one of the Realest Artist of all time,Tupac raised the bar for real rap with this one.. With Records like “Me Against The World”, “Dear Mama”,”So Many Tears”,& “If I Die Tonite” He had us feeling like He was writing about Us & Our lives.. The realest to ever do it in My eyes!! Wish He was still with Us!! #Legendary #RIP

3. Redman- Muddy Waters – Redman has always been one of My all time favorite Emcees… & not just cause I’m from Jersey either.. His delivery & lyrical wordplay has always been dope!! With joints like “Pick It Up”,”Whateva Man”,”Yesh Yesh Ya’ll”,& Soopaman Luva” that album was extremely dope & comical!! #Classic

4. Big Pun – Capital Punishment – Yo this album was ground breaking.. I remember when I first heard it I lost My mind immediately.. His extensive vocab,clever metaphors,& aggressive word play put mediocre rappers to shame.. With records like “Beware”,”Super Lyrical”,”Punish Me”,”You Ain’t A Killer”,”I’m Not A Player”,& “Fast Money” He proved he had what it takes to be one of the greats!! I wish He was still with Us!! #Legendary #RIP

5. Jay-Z – Reasonable Doubt – Still to this day one of the dopest albums of all time!! It was one of My biggest inspirations when it comes to Music.. By far the best project Jay-Z will ever put out!! With records like “Can’t Knock The Hustle”,”Politics As Usual”,”Brooklyn’s Finest”,”Dead Presidents”,”Can I Live”,& “Regrets” how could You not relate to the God!! I always have & always will respect & learn from Jay-Z’s Grind… Definitely one of My biggest Mentors ever!! #Classic

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