ItsBizkit Interviews Brooklyn Artist Solar

ItzBizkit: Let the people know your background, who Solar is and what you’re known for in the industry. Solar:  First and foremost, I’m a Brooklyn born and bred producer and really came into my most notable fame working with Guru of Gangstanr…the founder of Gangstarr and we collaborated and started a label, 7 Grand Records, […]

Video: Fase – Money Talk

Brooklyn-raised artist Fase lets the ‘Money Talk’ for him in his latest single.   “I don’t make a move till the money talk’ raps the Atlanta-resident on the memorable and catchy hook.   Fase and his flow fit right it on the beat as he delivers three quality verses for an overall solid track.  Fase has […]

Video: Goddess Venus – Baddest

Rapper Venus Goddess laid down some fierce vocals on the track “Baddest” and looked the part in the accompanying music video. The song is a symbol of how she feels about herself but let’s not get it twisted; it’s not a vanity anthem it’s about having the drive and embracing confidence as uniquely yours. It’s […]

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