Video: Rae Sremmurd Breaks Down “No Flex Zone” For Tracee Ellis Ross

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Daughter of legendary songstress Diana Ross, Tracee Ellis Ross, recently uploaded this hilarious video rapping along to the lyrics of Rae Sremmurd’s smash, “No Flex Zone.” As the song went on Tracee just stopped and was simply flustered. But Rae Sremmurd felt that despite Tracee’s confusion she infact, “understood it.”

Video: Joe Budden Talks Domestic Violence & Robbery Allegations

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Joe Budden chats with NBC 4 New York about his recent legal issues.

A few days ago, Joe Budden was accused not only assaulting his ex-girlfriend, but stealing her phone as well. TMZ reported that the rapper confronted her at a New York restaurant and “dragged her out to his car, then allegedly choked her and slammed her head into the dash”. Following that, he then drove her to his home in New Jersey where he continued to beat her. Shortly after these events took place, the NYPD tweeted out a picture of Joe Budden, saying he was wanted for both robbery and assault.

Today, NBC 4 New York took a trip to Budden’s New Jersey home and spoke to him about the allegations. He says that he is intact cooperating with the authorities and has already turned himself and got released. He leads on to say that tweets taunting the NYPD are on hold. He also mentioned the cellphone that he allegedly stole is actually in his name.

Check it out below!

Artwork/Tracklist: Camron – 1st Of The Month Vol. 3

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Camron continues his promise of putting out a new EP at the top of every month and here is the official artwork and tracklisting for the 3rd edition of his ’1st Of The Month’ series.

1. Dumb Bitch
2. Devil (feat. JuJu)
3. On Top (feat. Rod Rhaspy)
4. Let The Show Begin (feat. Estelle)
5. Back On Our Bullshit (feat. Hell Rell)

Have A Voice, Be Heard

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What is taking place today, in Ferguson, Missouri our generation has never seen. We have only read about actions such as these! The riots, the vandalism, the genuine anger, it puts your entire, mind body and soul to a compete stand still. It lets you realize who we are as African-Americans, and the power that our people have as well as what our people are still fighting for.

To be able to witness these people riot and protest against such actions and to feel what is happening as if we are right there is imensely powerful and life changing.

Our youth are dying on these streets not because of what they do, but it seems to be because of who they are.

These events are a reoccurring nightmare, the supposed protectors of our communities are killing future leaders of our country!

Why is it that it is OUR youth being killed on these streets. It is truly and simply ridiculous! It is so important now more than ever that we as the youth and as the future and as young African-Americans realize the voice that we have and make it priority number one to be heard. It is so important that we fight and take a stand together as one in efforts to put an end to this horrific cycle.

As a young African-American, I truly appreciate those who do intact have a much greater voice who have used it during these trying times, such as J. Cole, Nelly, John Legend, T.I and so, so many more other who are helping to unify our people in such movements throughout not only ferguson, but all over the world!

We will forever remember Emmett Till, Sean Bell, Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, Mike Brown!


Video: The RapFest Official Pre-Launch Trailer

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Check out the official super trailer for the new musical platform that is bound to take the industry by storm. Through Rap Fest artists can obtain exposure beyond their wildest beliefs and align themselves next to premier talent. You can check Prodigy, Gunplay and Smoke Dza in the new trailer with a special narration from Low Key from You Heard That New. Head on over to RapFest to pre register now!

On RapFest, each cipher makes up an episode using some of the industries biggest names paired with a talented, hungry, undiscovered MC, ready to show and prove. One beat, three artists, each giving it their all. Every artist’s cipher is shot individually, in HD, and packaged together, giving those yet to be discovered an opportunity to be paired alongside some of the best doing it.

Further ground breaking, is each that episode will feature production from a talented unknown producer, incorporating interview footage, giving each the chance to describe the concept behind their work. Each episode will premier on MTV Jams and live on top-tier blogs and websites, providing rap music fans with something fresh and up-and-comers the opportunity of a lifetime.