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DA The Future – Da Illa Tape

This tape pays Homage to one of hip hop’s pioneer producers, J.Dilla, who found his escape in vinyls and put his passion into beats. Without his legendary and influence we would never know the likes of Erykah Badu, Slum Village, Common & Kanye West.

His smooth transition from producer to artist is something that can never be replicated. February 7th marks the birth of one of the architects of hip hop and on that present day, D.A. The Future releases a Project for hip hop heads with the same admiration. ” Da Illa” gives you a chance to reminisce with Dilla influenced beats, storytelling verses and tactful wordplay. With heavy lines such as “I know some folk that go nuts for the dough , poverty stricken trying get it while the plot thickens”. D.A. gives us an opportunity to remind ourselves of when we truly loved hip hop. The beats , the lyrics and the passion cultivates the art and will always allow the heart of hip hop to prosper.

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