Exclusive Q&A w/ Teenear + Stream Her New Single “Need Your Love”

Teenear first stormed onto the scene back in ’15 with her popular single “Friday Night” featuring Sage The Gemini. The record has accumulated over 4 million streams and since then, Teenear has only continued to impress. She recently reached #1 as Spotify’sNewness Artist” and also released a new single for fans entitled “Need Your Love.”

Last week, I had the privilege to speak with Teenear for an exclusive interview, where we discussed the inspiration behind “Need Your Love,” her musical influences, what she has planned for the future and much more.

Check out the Q+A below as well as the new record “Need Your Love” which is now available across all streaming platforms.

Q: What was the inspiration behind your new record “Need Your Love?”
Teenear: “I was going through something very personal at the time that I think many people, especially young people, can relate to. Not knowing the difference between lust and love… and being so attracted to someone, you’d go to extreme measures for them — but not really knowing if it’s because of love or attraction.”

Q: You recently reached #1 on Spotify, how does that accomplishment feel?
Teenear: “It felt AMAZING!” Especially being a new artist and it happening so fast. I’ve released a few records before but obviously with an accomplishment like this, the excitement is at a whole new level. Also, it’s exciting to see how much my fan-base has grown and just continuing to reach new fans is such a blessing.

Q: Who would you say are your biggest musical inspirations?
Teenear: “Definitely Michael Jackson and Beyonce. It’s no secret those two are musical legends but I love that they brought more to the table than just music. That taught me alot. They taught me a lot. I would study everything about them; interviews, performances, everything. I was also very inspired by Whitney Houston and Aaliyah growing up.”

Q: What was that “aha” moment for you when you realized this is what you wanted to do?
Teenear: “So when I was around 15 years old, I released my first cover on YouTube — “Stay” by Rihanna — which got some really good feedback and definitely gave the encouragement I needed to continue. Also .. [not many people know this story but] — I was in my room and my friends told me about a writing contest Justin Bieber was hosting. So I started writing to his song and just felt inspired & passionate about it and telling myself I really can do this. I should start telling that story more.”

Q: Having already released some successful singles, what do you have planned for the future? Can we expect an album soon?
Teenear: “Definitely more music on the way. New records .. maybe new genres. I want my fans to hear diversity from me and not just expect one particular sound from me. I also have some visuals on the way. As far as a project/album … I’m sure you can expect one!”

Mike DeBlasio (Moderator)
Laianna Wright (Writer)