ITSBIZKIT Exclusive: A Conversation w/ Journalist Landon Buford

Journalist Landon Buford was born in Seattle, Washington and raised in Richardson, TX. He obtained his Associates Degree in Arts & Science at Bellevue College in Bellevue, Washington and his Bachelors of Arts in Social Science from Washington State University. Upon graduating from WSU, Landon worked with Team USA Track & Field Member Long Jumper Norris Frederick as a Marketing Intern. Frederick is known as Washington State’s Most Decorated Athlete.

In 2015 Landon accepted a guest writer position with ‘The Hype Magazine, ‘RESPECT MAG’, ‘Jack Thriller’, ‘Street Khemistry’, ‘The Rap Fest’, and ‘Hip Hop’ and more. In 2016 Landon relocated back to the Dallas area where he stays on to pursue a career as a social media journalist.

He has authored articles featuring such public figures as Grammy Award winner Saxophonist Kenny G, Dallas Maverick’s Dirk Nowitzki Foundation, 2017 NCAA Women’s Final Four, Team USA Track and member Norris Frederick, Darius ”Eddie Winslow” McCrary, En Vogue’s Maxine Jones, David Banner, NBC’s Chicago PD’s Laroyce Hawkins, Whats Trending Co-Founder and CEO Shira Lazar, Blackish Allen Maldonado, James Kyson and more. He has covered events that include the 2017 NCAA Women’s Final Four, 2017 WNBA All-Star Game, Paul Allen’s Upstream Festival & Summit, Big 3 in Dallas, WNBA Great Lauren Jackson Retirement Ceremony.

Check out our exclusive conversation with Landon below.

Q: How did get your start in the entertainment business?
Landon: “I started back in college I decided to put together a concert around the PartyBoyz and ShopBoyz. Invested $5,000 in this event on the venue, the talent, and promotion. I decided to partner with an individual that will remain nameless and it didn’t go through as plan, but everything happens for reason. I learned from my mistake and intern with a Professional Track & Field Athlete by name of Norris Frederick. Upon graduating from Washington State University in 2014. After my internship with Frederick, I began interning with a local Seattle artist by name of J-Key which I learned how to press up CDs and distribute them through the city. After interning with J-Key for almost two years, I decided to transition into hip hop Journalism with Street and”

Q: What were some of the challenges you faced early on as a Hip Hop Journalist?
Landon: “The toughest challenge for me at the beginning was finding my own writing style. Some would say it just giving your opinion on music and if you get the opportunity to interview a celebrity just ask questions that spark a response that goes viral for click bait. So, decided to think long and hard about how I wanted my brand to be known for and what my audience was getting from the content. I decided that I wanted to educate my readers through my content and asked questions about a certain topic I want to get the possible answers for the audience.”

Q: How do you like to be pitched when it comes to content?
Landon: “I prefer the content to have some type of substance and educational. I went to school Bellevue College and Washington State University for 5 years. I still enjoy learning new things if you can teach me something you will have my ear every time.”

Q: How many hours do you spend studying your craft?
Landon: “I spend 3 to 4 hours studying my craft and think of ways I can get better as a story teller and as an interview. I don’t like to have set questions for the individuals that I interview no offense to some of my colleagues out there. I just prefer to conduct my interviews in a different way and I feel more people can learn from my approach.”

Q: What advice would you give independent artists out there?
Landon: “Invest in yourself I know it not easy, but no one will care about your brand more than you.”