ITSBIZKIT Exclusive: Druskii Dru Talks New Single, Fan Experiences, Creative Process & More

With his new single “No Flexin” catching quite the buzz, Druskii Dru recently caught up with us for an exclusive Q&A. The Florida native spoke on his new single, fan experiences, his creative process and much more;

“Pushing out No Flexin has really brought out a hype that makes me excited as an artist. My mindset is focused and I can’t wait to keep bringing out music that I feel confident that the audience will enjoy. The noise is truly my hype and my mindset. I enjoy engaging with my fans and reaching out to them through my music.”

How is everything going Druskii? Can you tell the people what mindset you were in when you made “No Flexin”?

“I’m blessed. Everything is going so well and amazing. My energy and time that put into this message came from my soul. I am amazed at the fast growth and special attention it’s receiving. My mindset is solely based on producing good, catchy vibes that people can connect and relate to.”

Have you ever had a fan experience yet and if so how did you react?

“Fan experiences are always interesting. You have the ones you rather not speak on and then you have the real touching and memorable moments with fans that are so inspiring. When you find fans that listen to your music and are motivated and inspired by your work, it makes me work harder at what I do and to make sure I continue to be a possible influence on individuals.”

You are growing as an artist and now more and more people are starting to find out about you. How do you feel like that effects your creative process?

“I want to engage with my fans on every level. The positive movement that my music delivers brings out the hype of my audience and in me as the artist. It effects me in positive way.. And I want my music to touch the people in a positive way as well.”

Be sure to check out his popular, new single “No Flexin” below.

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