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ITSBIZKIT Exclusive: Interview w/ Houston’s Gorgeous George The Pimp God

One of H-Town’s illustrious underground mainstays is adamant that not only is he a one of a kind artist, but he’s definitely in a different tax bracket.

Coming in the game as a guitarist on The Geto Boys’The World Is A Ghetto” as a teenager over two decades ago, there isn’t much that Gorgeous George The Pimp God hasn’t seen in the game or in real life for that matter. In his sit down with “The World’s Greatest Blogger“, GG chops it up about the current state of Houston post-Hurricane Harvey and how he dodged the floods, his appreciation for artists of all genres and what he has on deck following his latest single, “Watermelon JollyRancher“.

Q: How are you recovering from Hurricane Harvey cause as we all know this has been a hard season for Houston and the surrounding areas where they are still recovering how are you able to contribute?

A: “I have multiple houses and a lot of people living there got displaced so I gave mostly my time and energy to help those recovering by giving rides and supplying water. I got a Hummer on 26s so it was nothing for me when the floods where at their hardest. I’m not what they call an Apocalypse preper but I got storages of water and supplies thank God in times like these that’s how I can give back out of my own pantry when people had no lights for 3 to 4 days and couldn’t go in or out the city I was pushing it in the Hummer.”

Q: I got to experience Houston so I know how Texas is real big so people have to basically break through other cities to get bookings and shows or for your music to get played. Can you break down any trials and tribulations that you went through just to let aspiring artists know that anything is possible?

A: “It’s a simple form just got to do it till you can’t do it no more. It my take time to get there but don’t give up on it before it’s your time a lot of people give up on their vision right before it’s their time. Tenacity is what I can say is needed just stick to it. Don’t let no one deter you from your thought process.”

Q: Facts…I would love to know where you get your ambition and drive from cause I can tell you’re the type of person who can fall but get right back up.

A: “A little setback is just a come up. I’m a Black man in America not playing the race card but I don’t look at it like anything is owed to see me . Music is my passion I’m not in it for the money but I had to leave it alone when I wasn’t making no money. Live and let live. Only thing you gotta do is live till tomorrow and you got 24 more hours of possibilities.”

Q: Alright amen now your preaching. So tell me how you got started?

A: “My first song, I was 14 years old, I featured on the “World Is A Ghetto” by the Ghetto Boys. That’s my record I played the bass line and sang on it.”

Q: I want you to talk about the artists that inspire you not just in Texas but Worldwide.

A: “They all inspire me even if they got just one hit as long as you did it. Everyone isn’t ment to make hits maybe they just need an opportunity to change their living condition.”

Q: So are you listening to the new generation of Hip Hop “mumble rap” artists coming out or are you into the classic old skool?

A: “Well I respect all artists but that don’t necessarily mean I like it. Just like painting you don’t like every painting in your house don’t mean you can’t respect the artist and their contributions. To me that’s envy and hating. When Hip Hop first came out it had critics that didn’t like it in the mainstream before “mumble rap” but it still thrived. They selling records and selling out shows so you a hater if you don’t recognize and move with the times. You can’t be mad at Lil Uzi Virt he making money. Anyone that got anger issues got money issues.”

Q: Indeed real talk. So let everyone know what projects are you currently working on or what downloads can they stream right now?

A: “I got this joint “Watermelon Jollyrancher” I got the major stations picking it up which is good for an artist like me used to playing the background on the production side. I’m not in it for the fame this is my life. For 18 years I put it in on the street now I’m sharing my testimony that I’m still here to motivate those coming after me.”

Q: Let em know how to reach you through social media cause imma definitely check out you new joint cause you have inspired me with your story?

A: “No doubt I’m just here to show the way cause a lot of the ones coming up are doing some real dummy shit cause they have no father. I was blessed to had an OG to show me guidance and I’m thankful. You can definitely check me out on Instagram @therealggpg for Gorgeous George Pimp God.”

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