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ITSBIZKIT Exclusive: Qur’an Talks New Album, Inspiraitions, Future Plans + More

With numerous performances already under his belt, including a recent performance at the legendary SOBs, and Mercury Lounge for Hot 97’s Hip-Hop Mike, it’s no question Qur’an is an artist you should definitely be on the look-out for. The rising artist plans to keep his momentum going and releases his new project titled “Prima Della Rinascita.” The 10-track LP includes only 2 features, frequent collaborator Ashaad Xavier and Just Jay, with majority of production handled by Qur’an himself.

Record such as “Play Ball,” “Show You Off,” and “Faded,” show Q at his best, and perfectly demonstrate what he can bring to the game. I had the pleasure to hear the album before it’s release, and was so impressed, it was only right to reach out to Q for an exclusive Q+A. Check it out below, as Qur’an speaks on the new project, why he started his music career, inspirations of his, future endeavors and much more!

For those who don’t know who Qur’an is, when and why did you decide to pursue a music career?

Q: Really I been around music my whole life, but I started pursuing a career in the business about 2 or 3 Years ago now.”

What does the title, “Prima Della Rinascita” mean?

Q: “Before the Renaissance… For people who don’t know what that is, tt was a great time for art.”

What inspired the new project and how do you want the project to inspire others?

Q: A lot of people in my life, and situations I been through. I want them to believe in their self and know that everyone can’t see their vision so they have to make it visible.”

Very dope production on the project, most tracks self-produced by you. Did you specifically want to use your own production or is that how the project just cooked up?

Q: It really just turned out that way even though I definitely always wanted a project with a lot of my production.”

What is next for Quran following the release of “PDR?”

Q: What’s next is some dope visuals and we working on a tour for the summer right now. I have a lot more music coming out this year too.”

Stream “Prima della Rinascita” below and on all other major streaming platforms.

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