ITSBIZKIT Exclusive: Retro Starkey Talks New Album “nine1”, Performing At SXSW, Future Plans + More


Defining his music in just one word – “Immortal” – Retro Starkey plans to make music that will live on forever. Born Andre Starkey, Retro is shaking up the music industry, and recently did so with his highly anticipated album, ‘nine1.’

The project has a overall feel good vibe with joyous and upbeat sounds, that makes Retro standout amongst any other artist. He recently performed at SXSW and is gearing up for his show at Aisle 5 in the ATL later this month!

I had the chance to discuss the new album with Retro in an exclusive Q+A, along with his time at this year’s SXSW, his main goal as an artist, future endeavors and more. Check it out below and also be sure to stream “nine1” on all major streaming platforms!



For readers who might be new to you, tell them more about yourself;

Retro:I’m RETRO the Savor.. the new reign in Hip-Hop. I don’t want much, but to just change the game and shake up the world just a little.”


Tell me about your new project “nine1.” What inspired the album and it’s title?

Retro:I took my good sweet time on every song… if you listen, you can hear the body on every track. It’s my story with chaos on top of some everyday life sh*t. I was born in 1991 and back then Pac,Snoop and Dre use to yell the year like ‘Nine Trey,’ etc.. so I said nine1 and it stuck.”


What is your main goal as an artist?

Retro:GRAMMYS ON GRAMMYS!… and to sell out the Garden!”


I saw that you performed at this year’s SXSW. How was the experience?

Retro:Yea, it was very lit as always. I have fun out there specially with my team.. we go out there and just have a good time! Theen I perform, haha!”


What do you have planned in the coming months for fans to anticipate?

Retro:dropping ‘nine1 deluxe’ with 2 new dope records… new videos. Then my double-disc “RETRO STARKEY!