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Jimmi Stone’s Top Albums Of All Time

Curren$y – 11/30 – 2016
Before this album dropped late last year, I was searching for years for competition on a full project level. When I released my second album(Bright Colors) I knew instantly it was the best rap album ever made. Six years later, Spitta made me believe some one else could put together a playlist on my level. It is pure perfection, and has motivated me on my new project more than ever.

Singles – Motion Picture Soundtrack – 1992

Cameron Crowe’s classic film about my beautiful city of Seattle, has an equally magnificent soundtrack. Seattle legends like Pearl Jam, Alice In Chains, and Jimi Hendrix paint the canvas of Seattle life. Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” was originally on the tape, but swapped for The Smashing Pumpkins because of Kurt’s humbleness. SLTS had already jumped the charts and Cobain wanted another band to get shine. The pumpkins being the only non Seattle band on the entire album. Every emotion you can think of is on this soundtrack, and it goes with the movie almost subconsciously.

Bob Marley and The Wailers – Kaya – 1978

Most people’s favorite albums are “Exodus” and “Uprising”. Smack dab in the middle is “Kaya”. Another Rasta term for cannabis, Kaya infiltrates your heart and mind. Some consider it to be a theme album, and I agree. As much as all their music was influenced and surrounded by Ganja, this record definitely is a tribute to the herb in its entirety.

Nirvana – Live at Pier 48, Seattle – 1993

My favorite band of all time, from my city, performing in my city right on the pier. 93 might’ve been their best year, going into Kurt’s final year on this planet. If you haven’t heard any of their live recordings, please do so now. I love my city

Pearl Jam – Live in Seattle 95: Spin the Black Circle – 1995

This album is extremely hard to find inside the US, with mostly Europe and U.K. Released years after it was recorded. Kurt had died the year before, and as the mariners made their first ever playoff run, we needed the Pearl to put on for our city. They did just that, and continue to every day.

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