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Brooklyn’s Own, Big Bz Puts His Spin on Young MA’s Summer Anthem: “OOOUUU (Zoemix)”

In between studio sessions to finish his upcoming project, King Kong, rising Brownsville rapper ,Big Bz took some time out to absolutely rip apart Young M.A.’s buzzing single, “OOOUUU,” with his own, Zoemix.

For just under two minutes, the New York spitter taps into the grimiest, rawest sections of his brain to deliver run-it-back bars aimed squarely at anyone looking at him sideways. These aren’t superficial remarks, though, because dude’s seen a lot and lived through even more, as he previously served a long bid prior to stepping into the rap game. He’s also armed with his fair share of wit, making his street-tested bars that much sharper, which he makes apparent in standout lines like

“All the fake love I embrace it/ Ran off on the plug ‘cause he racist/ And keep talkin’ that white/ Ni**as back-bitin’ but only when out of sight”; and “Talkin’ about you poppin’/ How the f*ck is you poppin’?/ You a Benz with no options/ My ni**a, you gotta stop it.”

Remixes of this calliber—meaning those of hyped singles with big beats—are made for straight-rhyming exercises, and Bz certainly isn’t afraid to flex those muscles. Stay on the lookout for King Kong, and in the meantime, keep this on rotation!



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