New Interview: Lil Xan on the Cruz Show

At the end of November, Lil Xan traveled East and made his way to rock a sold out SOB’s show in New York, pushing the Xanarchy movement cross country. Hundreds of fans were energetic as they heard their favorite songs and even got to pay tribute to Lil Peep during his performance.
As “Betrayed” continues to grow (it currently has 58 million views on YouTube), Xan is getting ready to push the single to radio and he stopped by Power 106 to talk to The Cruz Show.
During their 24-minute conversation, Xan explained why he got so many face tattoos, how he got the name and the reason he started rapping. He also spoke on where he grew up, his childhood and what he plans to accomplish with the music thing. His goal is to bring some positivity in the world and continue getting better.
Interestingly, he revealed there’s a collaboration with Rae Sremmurd on deck for the new album, saying he wants to continue evolving with his sound.
Xan also spoke on more serious topics, like how he struggles with anxiety and his father took the time to speak on how proud he is of his son and the success. Check out the interview.