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BlackFace, born in SE Washington DC raised in Alexandria, Virginia. Better known to the streets as an ambitious hustler with a love for music, he seems to conquer every beat with his raspy voice and hardcore lyrics. He’s gaining fast recognition in the DMV area as a force to be reckoned with and he’s setting the streets on fire with his latest mixtape ( #ABALL), hosted by DJ ROB Mista DMV and DJ Flatline. He’s fast heating the club scene up with his new single “Bottles on Me”!

With a collaboration from Interstate Snake, he brings a more than vivid picture of a night in his life in the club. With his more than catchy punchlines his lyrics are bringing the club scene to wherever you’re at! So without further ado, I proudly introduce to the streets, BlackFace Mr. CMC “Bottles on Me”! #ABALL!

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