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Elujay is a Hip-Hop artist/producer who uses his eclectic sounds to put his vision on wax. If you’ve never heard material from the Oakland musician & were looking for an overall jest of his artistry, paint a picture in your mind of jazzy production vibes that promote the rising “future bounce” sound. Elu himself would say that his music is selective and the sound of tomorrow.

We Dont Mind is a song featuring two fellow Bay Area musicians–Oakland songstress, Samaria, whose recently collaborated with Kehlani on her latest track, “Love Me Crazy,” and Berkeley’s hometown hero, CALEBORATE.

Elujay comments on the new collaboration:

The record pays homage to having pride in individualism; being conscious of who you are and not caring about what others think about you. Its focal point stems from experiences that me and the other 2 featured artist have faced with people in the industry and just people in general wearing out our names, mispronouncing it, and being inconsiderate of our artistic value. We used the music to speak for itself.. and it speaks in high volume.

Production is mainly handled by Waxroof, rising producer extraordinaire, who produced Elujay‘s latest hit release,  Soul Food. Another production credit for the track goes to frequent producer-collab, Kevchoice, who has also played a part in Elujay‘s previous release (as well as he played for Lauryn Hill, Hieroglyphics, & Zion i) The vibe of this cut is a layed back boom-bap style drums under a jazzy/ neo soul chords… while the guitar added to it gives it a surfer indie-rock vibe. There is definitely a lot of genre fusion that produces an undeniably feel good track, while Samaria serenades the chorus with beautiful vocals, gauging any type of music lover.

Elujay and CALEBORATE trade off verses full of melodies & metaphoric raps that entail subjects that range from Individualism, Women calling men out of our name, or charging it to the game.

Listen below to the new collab.

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