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After releasing “2 Cents” and having it featured on Spotify’s Hip-Hop Central playlist, Immerze turns back around to deliver his latest single, “Gucci Vandross.”

Finding his inner Gucci Mane and Luther Vandross, Immerze juxtaposes gritty raps and soulful messaging to create a lyrically melodic but bass heavy track. In an interview with Hip-Hop Canada, the Vancouver artist says, “The song is about being misunderstood, but not letting that phase you. The fact is everyone is misunderstood one way or another: “Peaceful protesters out here getting maced/ And innocent citizens getting shot chalked and erased.” Just showing how even a protester can be misunderstood; even though what they fighting for can be so clear to most. Still, some people who don’t understand what they’re standing for.”

“In the intro of the track I quote some of the hook for Gucci Mane’s “Kitchen Record”: “Nobody/ Nobody f**k with my kitchen…” And in the verse I talk about what I cooked up: “I cooked food for thought/ How does it taste/ My soul’s the main ingredient/ Hope it don’t go to waste/ Like no getting sentenced in O.J [Simpson’s] first case.” And I quote Luther Vandross: “Never too much/ Never too much/ No no no/ Glad that I got that out the way/ Got so much to talk about/ So much to say.”

“Gucci Vandross” will appear on Immerze’s upcoming EP, Before I Go. Purchase this single here.

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