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Raised in the suburbs just out side of Chicago, producer/rapper Jamahd has been working on the perfect beat for the past year, developing his sound and building a fan base for his upcoming project, Y’all Gone Wish I Was Dead.

Jamahd has high hopes for this project as his last single “Slowdown” received posts on The Source, and AllHipHop to name a few.

Studying the game, Jamahd is looking to focus on a few singles for the next year, ultimately leading up to the release of the videos and his debut EP. While the EP is yet to be titled, Jamahd is also working on spreading his production sound with up and coming rappers in Chicago.

“The past month I’ve been really looking at the game. Southern acts really push a song and then when the song takes off they shoot a video. So the goal right now is to just push the record right now. Other acts have done it so, I just want to focus on a record and gaining momentum.” Jamahd explained.

To build up to the release of the EP, Jamahd will be releasing a mixtape through various outlets called Y’all Gonna Wish I Was Dead this Summer. While attending school at Columbia College in Chicago, Jamahd worked towards a degree in Audio Design and Production, and plans to focus on audio engineering and his music career when he graduates.

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