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After making a trip to Japan for the second time, Korleon has returned from of the “Land of Rising Sun” after a tour with Fabo and other business opportunities.

Now back stateside after a profitable run in Yokahama, Tokyo and other Japanese venues, Korleon is back to make some waves throughout the South and in Hip-Hop in general.
“A promoter reached out, he brought everything together, we did like 4 shows over there. It’s a different world, they show a lot of love when you go over there. It’s crazy, the atmosphere is bananas, people rush you like they are papparazi in Japan thinking we are super stars. The way they appropriate our culture and gravitate towards us is very cool. It’s nice to be recognized and appreciated,” Korleonexplained.
Now with a new single “About It” featuring Fabo and CTE’s Boo Rossini, Korleon believes he has the right record to get him more widespread recognition.
“‘About It’ was produced by this kid from Savanah and I heard Fabo on it and he layed the hook. I started writing to it, then me and Boo played it at the studio and he opened up on it himself,” Korleon explained.
“I just need to focus on this “N.W.A.” record coming up soon,. This one is just for the fans but N.W.A. is really for radio and the streets. Im always in the studio but that is my focus. I still want to continue in the way I have. I don’t want to be stagnant, I just want everything that I do to elevate. The focus of 2016 is to do everything bigger and better each day,” Korleon said.
In addition, Korleon has some big plans for TV in the future as the Jackson, Mississippi rapper is rumored to be on some very popular reality TV shows based out of Atlanta.   While he was tight lipped about what shows he will be on, Korleon made it clear that this is going to be big and that he will likely have a role as a significant other to one of the leading characters.

Stream “Above It” below.

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