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Tek Neek - Something You Ain't Used 2

Tek Neek is the poetic product of Charleston, South Carolina where pushing past the “crab in a bucket” mentality is a must. And it’s that environment that has boosted Tek’s creativity and work ethic as an artist. “I am an embodiment of Charleston Hip Hop,” he states. After gaining some momentum with his collaboration with Yung Texxus and Bun B, Tek Neek is ready to unleash new music on his own as a self-produced rapper.

To kick the Summer off, Charleston’s own, liberates “Something You Ain’t Used 2.” The single is just a sample of what we can expect from his forthcoming project, From Charleston, With LXVE. “Something You Ain’t Used 2” showcases Tek Neek’s distinctive flow, lyrical ability and music production skills. His laid back delivery compliments the airy horns and the overall mellow vibe of the single. It’s certainly a far cry from some of his previous club-ready releases, but more importantly, it spotlights his versatility as a music artist. As he readies new material for his highly anticipated project, familiarize yourselves with something you ain’t used to.

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