New Music: Zen Gnarly – “Brazzy” (feat. Lil Trip) | + Exclusive Q&A

As a man in society we’re expected to be strong and not capable of displaying emotions. Through these stages in life we start to see how destructive that is to our mental health. Zen Gnarly’s new single “Brazzy” featuring Lil Trip speaks on his past destructive patterns , commitment issues , and radical actions in life. The line — “I never knew how to fall in love , it was get money and get these hoes” — may hit home for some who grew up in a single household, not knowing the true idea of what love looks like but only relying on the super flashy, braggadocios personas displayed from musicians in the industry .

Brazzy” serves as the first single off Zen’s upcoming album “Lithium Nicola.”

“Lithium Nicola is about setting one inner child self free through the act of love. Through loving yourself you’ll get a physical manifestation of that frequency through a intimate partner.“

Zen also took the time to take questions for fans and keep them updated on what he’ been working on.

Q: What made you to decide on your vision and the process for your brand?

A: “It’s just as Jordan Peterson lectured and emphasized the act of “Cleaning Your Room” sorting yourself out. I wanted to clean up my mess but be transparent about it with my audience. Letting them know I’m just as a human as them and to take personal accountability for mistakes. Through those lectures I’ve learned to adapt that not only to my personal life but my brand as well . Zen Gnarly is everyone just as Zen Gnarly is I.. that’s my whole vision.. that’s my whole brand. We both have levels of calmness and radical energy within us. Through transmuting that out we’ve find ourselves to be more whole.”

Q: How did you decide on the type of music style you wanted to put out?

A: “My choice of music is so versatile. I’ve just started to keep my ears for different things.. just certain sounds that take me places mentally. The styles of music I put out is a reflection of what I may be listening to at the moment or have in the past. You might get some indie Zen Gnarly one day then next day some funkadelic type of vibe out of me. It all depends how I feel sonically that helps me choose what to put out. Music is a language so really I’m just communicating through different frequencies of light.”

Q: In the beginning of the song we hear the tag “Lithium Nicola” vocalized by @AsToldByMeagan. What was the idea behind that?

A: “Meagan was one of the first few journalists to show me support on her platforms, so she also had the first bit of details of what I was trying to go for with this current project. I felt it was right to pay homage to her and her feminine energy by having her lay a tag and she did spectacular. It was interesting enough to see how people reacted in my sessions when they heard her voice as soon as a beat dropped or started. I think it captured the direction of my sound more. Shout out Meagan and her whole camp man!”

Q: What can you tell us behind the title “Lithium Nicola.”

A: “Lithium, mainly used in electric cars, our phones, electronics, but most of all medicine — for bipolar patients to stay stabilized. Nicola is a very close friend of mind I had asked her if I could use her as a muse for my album. She was astounded and said yes.. I think our day to day conversations allowed the concept to fit very well. We later found out her name meant Victory or Victory of the people. — Lithium Nicola is about setting one inner child self free through the act of love. Through loving yourself, you’ll get a physical manifestation of that frequency through a intimate partner or soulmate. To me, that’s stabilized victory using your imperfections and instabilities as a tool to power yourself and one another. Like beyond all of it there is that indescribable feeling that you know is telling you that the love is real.”

Q: What’s the direction of the album as of now?

A: “Without giving away too much, there will be a some sort of story to go with this. Which I’m glad and grateful for the news and old faces behind the productions on this album — from Ososep and minor co-productions from Jared Oderick to X III 999, Future De Gramps, DJ Blade, Ashley Kayz, Spookz, Vitaliy Stargaze, Space Shawty, and myself as well… for the first time. — So in retrospect, the direction of the album is like one big experiment, in one giant ass lab with a bunch of scientists all coming together to create one final product. That’s the perfect analogy of what the direction of this album will sound like. 22nd century shit designer babies ya know,,, that’s the whole idea behind the “Brazzy Cover.” But that’s a whole another topic….”

Stream “Brazzy” below and circle back for Zen’s album in the coming months.

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