New Video: Born – Haters | Mixtape: Born Flexin’

As it appears on his new mixtape, Born Flexin, “Haters” stands out as one of the more cinematic-sounding tracks from the Beantown spitter, Born and producer, CMBEATS. And it’s clear that cinematographer Luis Gomez noticed that, as his vision for the single resembles something more akin to a proper short film that your typical music video.

Part of the reason for that is the video’s setting, as Born headed down to the Dominican Republic to link with Gomez, and his supporting cast of homegrown beauties, and locals stuntin’ in the streets. All the while, it’s clear that Born is the man in charge, eyeing the camera with a snarl, and flashes of his grill in between his trademark dreadlocks.

If we didn’t tell you otherwise, you’d be right to assume that “Haters” is the work of some major label backing and huge film crew. The thing is, you’d also be wrong. It was done independently and by a small team helmed by Gomez, who we should be hearing more about in the near future.

Born Flexin is available for stream and free download.

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