New Video: Miah Travis – “The Lover’s Revenge”

Fall In Love” was the kind of edgy, warning-packed harmonic of which highlighted one of the many blueprints of Erykah Badu’s career. This time around, 21-year-old Miah Travis flips the record into a bastard’s paradise. The Virginia-native relays a story of resentment, ambition, and the idea of being taken advantage in the industry. Miah’s soulful melodies and wordsmith-like approach helps to portray the ups-and-downs of being an up-and-comer, from broken promises, unsettled money, lack of resources; yet having the talent to be utilized by the industry can be a plus and minus from his perspective.

Miah’s been very quiet for the past year, only having released the artsy visual to Mona Lisa and a freestyle over Eric B and Rakim’sΒ “Paid In Full.” Over the months, the multi-purposed creative has found himself assisting in film via Out Of Sight, including on sets for Nevelle Viracocha’s Wanted. Pt. 2 and Multiply. To top it all off, the WakeUpStar-artist recently inked distribution via Empire. Maybe Miah’s rise from hiatus is more-so hinting towards a soon becoming of Miah’s debut release. Keep an eye over the next few months.

Watch below.

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