Roger L Me$$ Interview: Influences, Dream Collaboration, Future Plans & More + “Number Uno” Video

As a blogger, we receive numerous emails/music from up and coming artists everyday, and unfortunately – there are more misses than hits. However, when we actually do come across a dope underground artist, it’s a refreshing feeling. Below is an interview I conducted with emerging New York artist Roger L Me$$ – discussing his musical influences, subject matter, dream collaboration, future plans and much more. Also check out the premiere of his new visual for his latest single “Numero Uno.”


When and what made you pursue a career in music?

“A lot people will front and come up with some cool story, but I had to be about 17 – I was in high school and played ball with my friends who were already pursing a future in music. We would freestyle over the radio during car rides to the basketball gym, I fell in love at that point – It wouldn’t be until a year later, I would gain inspiration and start writing on a consistent basis. What made me continue to pursue was the moment I felt like this was the route for me.”

Who are your biggest musical influences?

“I would have to say people like Fab. One of the first albums I purchased was “Real Talk” when I was 13. Along with NAS, Jay-Z, Kanye West, Pharrell Williams, Drake.”

What inspires you to write? Your subject matter?

“The people in my life. – Honestly it was a huge crush I had on a girl in high school that really sparked my creativity. I’m not sure how it starts for most people but that’s definitely how it started for me. My subject matter is strictly life situations, things I’ve experienced. – That can vary in many subjects, but my music, my sounds purpose is to heal.”

Would you stay independent or sign with a major label? If major label, which one & why?

“Independent is more wavy now than it ever has been – being independent has more pros than cons nowadays. I would say once I’m big enough indie that I could demand a big deal. I probably would say Warner Bros – A OVO joint situation would be dope for sure.”

What would be your dream collaboration(artist or producer)?

“Damn this is a dope question, I would have to say Pharrell Williams. Produced by and get that man on the hook too. He’s a walking legend. – I’m gonna make sure it happens before all this is said and done.”

What is your process when making music?

“For me, it’s all feeling. I just write, I don’t try to make a great song. I feel the greatest songs are the ones you don’t pressure yourself into writing. Music is a feeling process, this life thing is an entire feel out process. A lot of artists fake the funk. People aren’t stupid they know when you aren’t being authentic.”

Are you currently working on any projects?

“Yes, I’m working on this project called “Juno,” which I’m really excited about. I feel like it’s going to be the best music I’ve ever done. Truly authentic, relatable music – that’s the most undeniable music. Can’t wait for the world to hear it.”

Where do you see yourself musically in 5-8 years?

“I see myself making a living off my art. I just shot a photoshoot for ESPN and Jordan, with the lovely Megan Ann Wilson – launched my own clothing line, along with the music, so I’m grinding. I’m just trying to leave a legacy, win a Grammy, become a cultural icon and leave a mark in the creative world. – Just take care of my family, you know? So my kids, and grandkids and great grandkids can attend college without worries.”

– “I’ll be satisfied once I know the bloodline set for life.”

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