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New Video: True Pax – “Amazing Savings”

Recording and performing professionally under the stage name True Pax, this South Side of Williamsburg, Brooklyn native is making his way in a calculated manner through New York City’s indie scene. His sights on writing his way onto the list of the Big Apple’s dopest acts, the Remember the Dreamers movement representative has galvanized crowd with his moniker, True Pax speaking more true facts.

The 17 year old True Pax recently dropped his single, “Amazing Savings” on all platforms and is about to drop his single called “Mentally Ready” on September 21st. True Pax is a very versatile artist who can give you turn up music, story telling, punchlines, and a step into his shoes. True Pax is working on his EP, “Midnight Sunshine’s” at the moment, but he is also planning on releasing a ton of songs consistently throughout the fall! The man of the hour is True Pax.

Watch below.

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