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  1. Hey eskay Hope everything is going well.

    I wanted to reach out to you because I released a new single “No Way.” I’d be humbled if you took a few moments to check out the track on SoundCloud.

    You can listen to “No Way” here: Here
    If you like it, would you be willing to do a write-up on NahRight ?

    Below is my press release with more information. Let me know what you think!

    Thanks so much,



    (New Single “No Way”)

    The sincere, raw and rugged sounds of JOMI, an American rapper from Orlando, FL, has stylized rhythmic music with the company of rapping and emceeing. Known for his clever flows, JOMI gained a buzz after releasing a cover of Mac Millers “SDS.” The rapper strives to achieve sublime lyricism to stimulate the culture. Hip Hop in a poetic stage to bring forth emotion in all spectrums.

    “No Way” was created from a mosh pit experience, influenced by 90’s dance hall reggae, Biggie Smalls and early Kanye West days. The single, produced in collaboration with Moxiii Double Dee and J-One Production, is a combination of soul music and the rawness of today’s youth.

    Listen to “No Way”: Here

    “Now, I just want it to be heard as a thrilling single – no matter the occasion. I want people to feel alive and purely be themselves when this comes on!” – Malcom.Jomi

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