Podcast: Murda Mook x ItsBizkit x Movie Matt – “Easily Offended Ep. 3” feat. Sophia Body

Earlier this week on Love and HipHop New York, Sophia Body got into trouble with her boyfriend, Harlem rapper, Jaquae after she brought home a dog gifted to her by artist James R.

Sophia spills the tea about her and Jaquae on the new podcast “Easily Offended” and she isn’t holding back, telling the cast that she “moved to the hood” for Jaquae and that he had “no furniture”. Sophia is clearly upset about their breakup where Jaquae kicked her out of the house on the latest episode as she even offers to show pictures of his apartment with no furniture in it. The craziest part? She claims Jaquae didn’t even have any soap and she had to buy him body wash.

Stream/watch episode 3 below.

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