Premiere: Izzy Strange – “Holding On To Pain” (feat. Eligh)

Holding On To Pain” is the latest release from Pennsylvania based emcee, Izzy Strange. It is the second single from “Strange Crow“, a four track collaboration EP produced and featuring Living Legends member, Eligh. The song blends Blues and Hip Hop with a wild western overtone.

The topic for “Holding On To Pain” is the process of what one experiences when doing so. The artists dive deep into the human psyche, explaining how some people transform their pain to triumph while others loathe within it, ultimately driving themselves to the brink of insanity.

Co-produced by Danny G, powerful guitar solos are implemented in between the duo’s verses and brings the track to a chilling close. Experience the emotional sounds of “Holding On To Pain” now via Soundcloud.

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