TwonDon’s Upcoming EP Really Is A “cheers 2 us all”

If you’re not familiar with New Jersey’s TwonDon yet, get with it! Having already released a stellar EP “been dead” back in May, Twon is now set to drop yet another project for fans titled “cheers 2 us all.” This EP will also follow up his recent single, “Don’t Be Sorry” which is easily one of my top 5 records of the year. And possibly my favorite Twon joint to date (tied with “360”).

Twon is one of the artists I’ve built a great relationship with since I start journalism back in 2015, and we’ve been tight ever since. Twon always blesses me with an early listen to his drops, and sent me “cheers 2 us all” last week. I haven’t stopped listening since.

The EP starts off with “Luxury Tax,” a perfect introduction for Twon to talk his s***! He then smoothly transitions into a more mellow vibe with “My Birthday Wish.” At first, “Luxury Tax” was my instant favorite but as I listened more, I kept finding myself going back to the last track, “Goodbye Forever.” It might crack my top 5 Twon records ever.

Overall, the project is flawless. Down to Twon’s message to the A1 production. The best part is, Twon is celebrating his accomplishments so far with his fans, so it really is a “cheers 2 us all.” Twon is currently on tour in Canada, and doesn’t seem to be slowing his momentum down at all! Like I said, get familiar with Twon and his whole UPPERCLASS camp if you’re not already.

“CHEERS 2 US ALL” drops tonight @ midnight!