UNGRDSNYC x Pianos NYC Show Recap (Hosted by Dessi Nitti)

Last month, on March 18th, UNGRDSNYC.com did what they do best and brought to Pianos NYC, some of the dopest undiscovered artist killing it on the highest key. Hosted by the dream hustler supreme, Dessi Nitti, everyone knew it was going to be an evening to remember.

Opening up the evening was KD, a Staten Island transplant who’s energy and authenticity jump started the audience from it’s Monday blues. Next up the unbreakable Bucc Bucc, fresh from booking mind you, broke down the the politics of the block with the swag and presence of a kingpin turned rhyme slayer – inspiring the essence of hustle with his flow.

With fresh remixes and mashup provided by the ineffable @vibesbylaw perfectly transitioned the night into it’s next performer, Jay Prob. Full time entrepreneur, part time poet, all I can say is this man is a force to be reckoned with. His emotive yet powerful trap ballads had the audience in their bag! If you haven’t heard his single “LL,” then your definitely missing your summertime anthem.

Speaking of bags Mark T was definitely in his. Hell Bent on making sure he never gave the same performance twice, you could feel the message in his bars; out to prove that anyone can “be your own hero,” just like his EP’s namesake.

The two headliners of the evening, NEPTUNE XXI and China Marie, were powerfully rooted in their womanhood giving thanks to Women’s Month in their own unique way. Neptune kept the crowd in clutch of her vibe, soaking intrinsic and thoughtful bars in the waters of soul stirring beats, hypnotizing the audience into her twenty oooooonnnnnneeeee movement. Shoutout to my Pisces!

Los Angles China Marie on other end of the spectrum stepped to the stage like the vibrant being she is and made sure to spread her intense energy to the audience. Jumping into the audience she shifted the night from rap showcase to club creeping in a heart beat. If you didn’t catch a wine that night I feel bad for you. It’s no wonder now why she has worked with industry vets and R&B greats.

The underground is wild and heavy with talent in the New York City. UNGRDSNYC.com May very well be your best chance for a peek behind the curtain of mainstream.

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