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Video: Art of Prodigy Documentary

In honor of the late Prodigy, Andaluz TheArtist has put together a new documentary called ‘Art of Prodigy’. Check it out below.

When I heard that one of my favorite all time rappers from my favorite all time rap group passed away I felt obliged to create a painting of this legend. At first this was going to be a piece that I created for myself but then it turned into something bigger then that. This piece became it’s own memory of Prodigy embellished in a painting. I wanted his family and fans to have something nice to remember him by for the wake. Searching relentlessly I found as many people in a short period of time that I felt had a good relationship as Hip-Hop peers to the Mobb Deep member called Prodigy. I understand that there are so many more people that need to be on this art piece but with time I feel like the right people will contribute. I dedicate this piece to his family and friends hoping that it will give them some comfort to know that people will always remember Prodigy and the effect that he had on our Hip-Hop culture. There are so many murals / painting going up on walls and canvas that it really brings me great joy. Rest in Paradise Brother, you will be missed.

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