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Video: District 21 – Brighter The Better

Carving out a career in hip-hop as the child of a rap star is a difficult prospect. When a parent has made such a big impact on the genre, it is hard to escape the label of simply being their kid. Just look at some West Coast examples in Hood Surgeon and Lil Eazy E. The looming shadow of Dr. Dre and Eazy E could never be escaped by their sons. District 21 hopes to be one of the artist to break that mold.

District 21 is the son of Mack 10. Having a father that’s seen in all in the rap game certainly has its advantages. It also means that District is constantly competing with a legacy that has already been solidified. The only way to break out on his own is releasing quality music.

District 21 has been on the come up as of late, dropping consistent material and making a name for himself. Today, he returns with a new visual for the dope single “Brighter The Better”.

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