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Video: DJ Whoo Kid Creates Tribute Footage For His Close Friend Charlie Murphy

DJ Whoo Kid just found on an old hard drive his 2011 Shade 45 interview with close friend and comedian Charlie Murphy, whom as you may be aware passed away from leukemia yesterday. We first asked for the blessing of the children and they thought this was a wonderful tribute for their father, whom they knew was very close with Whoo Kid.

The pair first met when filming the pilot of Chappelle’s show back in 2002 and remained close friends throughout the years. Charlie even went on to host a mixtape with Whoo Kid for Eminem & 50 Cent, which you may remember, titled “Hollywood Homicide”. Whoo Kid would remember whenever Charlie stepped foot in a room the whole place would light up which you can see from these clips, and at the end is a never before seen freestyle with Charlie and Whoo Kid beatboxing (10:30 mark). Life is short so definitely, cherish those around you. Feel free to share this on your site.

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