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Video: Immerze – Ying Ying

If you happened to have celebrated Easter this past weekend, and even if you didn’t, perhaps Immerze meeting a Black Jesus in his latest video will bring you some comedic humour this Monday. Having been premiered on Noisey, “Ying-Ying” represents more than just comedy, though – it’s also a matter of spreading positive vibes.
“This record is just me meditating out loud. I’m speaking my intentions into existence through this music, which is ultimately about wanting to spread good positive vibes and do good for my people. In a way, that mindset is parallel to what Christians have been taught about Jesus – not everyone took may take in this message, but for those who believe in higher powers, you know the real deal.” – Immerze

Immerze will be releasing his forthcoming project, My Momma Knows I’m Trappin’, May 21st, 2017.

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