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Brooklyn artist, YHIM, debuts the visual for his single ’18K’.

YHIM is a young, promising talent whose mental outlook, much like his lyrical ability, is far beyond his years. It all begins with the origin of his stage name which holds a deeper meaning than what meets the eye. “YHIM (rhymes with him) comes from his life’s trajectory. “YHIM, came about from my life experiences. Whether good or bad, I’ve always felt I was a “Why him” type of guy. Like, why me? Why have these things happened to me? That’s just the way I look at life.”

Beginning his venture into hip hop professionally, YHIM used social media outlets and streaming services such as Soundcloud, to get his music to the masses. Songs such as “Let It All Work Out,” “Crazy Glue,” and “Humble” were immediate fan favorites amongst those who appreciated life’s struggles, motivation and uplifting content.

Now with the guidance of EMVE Management Group, YHIM hopes to expand his musical platform, broaden opportunities and continue to make highly praised music that inspires others to rise above adversity.

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